how to became a software engineer?

May 4, 2009 7:16am CST
I'm a high school student yet.but i didnt choose the computer major because of some reasom.but i want to be coder from my childhood.i learned vb,c/c++,I'm a chinese.i know in china a coder is not a very ideal job.but i like's my interest.when i am writing code i will be so see the right answer in the screen.i can't describe my emotion.but i know it will be my career some time later.i will go on and on. here ,i want so make friends with you.especially some coder or called programmer.can you give me some suggestions?so i can be more clear with my future?maybe i will come to us to work,maybe i can make friends with you and work with you some day?so good.thats why i am here to practise my know it's so important to me--englist.if i cann't understand can i work with you cooperate with you.and play with you.maybe quarrel with you? thank for your suggestions and nice to meet you my friend.
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@hepizoj (40)
• Philippines
19 May 09
First, take an IT related degree. 2nd, always practice your programming skills. take small projects while you're in college. POS, inventory system etc for small businesses. and oh. try to enroll at a school where they teach you the basics of OOPs, opensource languages, and web scripting(current trend). "when i am writing code will be so happy. to see the right answer in the screen." i know what you mean. programming is very satisfying work. you get to practice your logic too. lasty after collge, look for a small comp that handles different kinds of projects. after you gain enough experience, move to another company for a bigger salary and corporate experience.
• China
23 May 09
thanks hepizoj. are you a coder too? so if so can you tell me something in the road you became a coder?just be a example?i admire elderly coder.they are so hansome in my old are you?and how many years have you been a coder?are you still like your job like many years ago?do you think we can code for a whole life?if not,where should we go?thanks again my friend.i was thinking this discussion wont be respond any i believe there are always miracles in our are one of them.
@neknek (250)
• Philippines
14 Jul 09
i'm currently in college and i'm taking up computer science. i absolutely hate math but i really like programming very much (we learned c and vb in high school) so shifting to another course didn't even cross my mind. just like what the guy above said, go take up an I.T. related degree once you finish high school.