Do you agree that Paquio should be called a hero just by winning a boxing match?

@Azaerus (820)
May 4, 2009 11:09am CST
Hey guys,I live in Philippines where Manny Pacquio lives..and im a bit confused here..I mean yeah we all agree that he is the greatest boxer now but that doesn't mean he's a hero right?Everybody here agrees that he's a hero for some reason that he's bringing honor to our country but for me that's just not it..Alot of people actually brings honor to our country like for example the athletes who brings home Gold medals from winning olympics,the only problem is most Filipinos doesn't notice them..they don't even know their names ..WaaaHH!!I think the only reason why he's a hero is because he never fails to lose the money of the people who bets on him.. Guys what do you think about this?I'm really confused out here..
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