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May 4, 2009 8:59pm CST
I know this is a tough subject, and I'm not looking for sympathy or support, more along the lines of a logical solution. I am currently depressed with the world (the way people treat each other, natural human desires, etc). I cannot live in this world anymore. It disgusts me. I know people say, "that you arent alone" and that "there are other people out there just like you", but I do feel alone. Not in the sense that there arent people around me (I have my family, whom I really dont care too much about), but in the sense that I dont want to be a part of this world. So can anyone offer a solution of what I can do? I've been to a mental health facility and I'm on a few antidepressents, but I feel like that's lying to myself. The world is cruel and there are so many lonely, sad people in it, and that isnt going to change. I dont want to hurt the people who are in my life, even if I feel neglected. I am selfish and desire human attention, but we all do. A thought I had was to drop out of school (im in college, and cant focus anymore), and start an organization or something to try and help people psychologically, or just help sad people (isnt it funny how people are passionate about the things that are deficient in their lives?). I dont know. Any Ideas?
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@rocketsky (1013)
• China
5 May 09
things sometimes seem to be difficult and people may have the idea of feeling bored of life ,but everything will become history in your life ,so keep moving !
• United States
5 May 09
wow thanks...