Is You Think Tha USA Completely Banned Outsourcing

May 6, 2009 4:28am CST
Today, I read in newspaper that Obama start maiking law against outsourcing. Is you think that really it can be banned or it is only political stunt. If really outsourcing is banned then what are its consequences on Indian economy. India economy are in good condition only because of this outsourcing and if now this is banned then How Indian get jobbed It is very serious problem in itself. Indian economy are in good condition only because of IT. Now when US want to snatch it from India then it becomes very serious problem of future. What are your view regarding outsourcing. Share here and give some good suggestion to every member so that he can prepare herself against that type of steps.
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@kritipen (4083)
• United States
18 May 09
No i dont think the americans will ban outsourcing completely. Obama has to take this measure because it was one of his election promises. And unlike some of our polititians he has kept his promise of providing more jobs to the americn citizens. But the important thing is that he has given tax breaks to companies who would employ americans than to those companies which would provide employment to people from other countries. They cannot ban outsourcing all together because they dont have enough work force as of now.
@anuraa32 (2451)
• India
12 May 09
They are not banning it. It is just not beneficial to them from the tax point of view any more. They will have to just pay more taxes. And it makes sense. Though I remember a Texan who was my boss when I was working in the U.S based call centre used to say, that they may dislike and be against outsourcing, but actually the ground reality is that the peole of U.S dont actually want to do this work. If it was banned then this work still wouldnt be done by their natural citizens. It is again going to be taken up by the immigrants. So this will never be done. Because it would still be cheaper for them to employ people from here. It is plain economics. And they being a capitalist country, they will not ban it.
@vipinl (802)
• India
6 May 09
With around 1% of GDP and near to a billion people involved its an important issue. Its up to them whether they want outsourcing from India or not, as of now they do.. the companies there are benefiting too, as they are getting there work done at cheap rates. So its not possible to ban it completely, as noway will manage to get that much work force they require there, at the rate they are getting here. I don't think they can completely ban it.. at least in near future.