What is the Best Memory You Have of Your Youth?

@nielcdg (709)
May 6, 2009 11:41am CST
I was a loner when I was in grade school, I was always treated weird because I had an "ACTIVE IMAGINATION" described by my teacher. So I was surprised to have found good friends who were not actually into my querks but yet became my blood brothers. We were a group of 8, best friends all. I bought a house in the suburbs and it was on the foot of a forested mountain. In the summer of 2003 I asked my new found friends if they could all join me for a camping trip up the mountain. We made our own food and packed everything in our knapsacks "Celphones were not as hot during those years" we went through farm lands, factory back ways and other hidden paths only to get to the mountain. I was very overweight during those days so my friends would pull me up Boulders, cliffs and other rugged terrain but it was all fun. We reached the rain forest by dusk, and started to make camp on a dry river bed, there was a small yet very tall waterfall and a halfmoon cliff that kept us blocked on one side and the deep rainforest on the other. That night it was a full moon and we exchanged stories infront of the bonfire. We found out about each others lives and how different it was from each other but all of us had one thing in common which made us think that is why we all came together as friends, all of us came from fatherless homes. It wasnt a good common thing amongst us but it showed us that we do miss the feeling of having father figures in our lives. We sang to a guitar, cooked our own food (I did most of the cooking, in the kitchen they were all thumbs lol) When the fire died down the light of the moon peered down on us through the clearing just above the waterfall. The constant sound of the waters kept us company. On our way home we carved out our names on a fallen log that had all sorts of blooming orchids on it ones that I have never seen before. We vowed that we shall return there together when we have challenges to face and get them off our chests as friends. The next week we tried to come back but surprisingly we couldnt find our way back to our campsite, as if the forest changed...(I have a tingling sensation on the back of my neck just now) But this memory of mine of our moonlit night infront of a bonfire and singing with my best friends will stay with me till the day I die. Until now the friendships made that night still remain strong, we have encountered arguements, one of us almost died...but we are still strong as friends even if the universe has cast us far apart from each other in every direction. I just hope that whatever magick that made us come to that river bed leads us back again complete again :) What's your story?
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• United States
10 May 09
My relationship with my mom mattered to me most when I was a child. She guided me on basic things and what to look forward too in life. My mom made a lot of sacrifices and one of which is turning down the American dream. She could have been a nurse in the US, but because she has to care for us, she declined such offer. My mom gave up her job in a production company just to watch out for us. While my dad abroad has to work, my mother filled his fatherhood role for a decade. My mom's job is not 8 to 5 but a 24/7 call. It's a job not affected by recession. A mom can never be laid-off from her duties and responsibilities as a mother. If that happens, the kids and whole family will be at stake.
@nielcdg (709)
• Philippines
11 May 09
I commend you mom for a good Job well done...can you share a specific memory of what she has done to have inspired you so much my friend? May be cooking a dinner that ended up in a happy ending and stuff...A little more specific for us to Understand and see how loving your mom is to all of you :) Happy Mother's Day to her!