How can I train my dog to do some activity ????

May 6, 2009 12:05pm CST
Well I was watching a dog show this morning and I saw dogs doing some amazing tricks and jumping inside the rings,shaking hands,etc. I was just wondering is it possible to train any dog that we want to...... I have a Pomeranian dog and she does basic things like sitting,standing....... I don't want to force my dog or put pressure on her......but is there a way I can train her at home to do some amazing tricks or activity ???????
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• Singapore
6 May 09
today i went to a sky garden i saw about 20dog having the need to bring then to school.the teacher will teach him simple thing like sit and go. i saw them walking around when they ask to stop . they stop ,when they ask to sit all 20dog sit...
@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
6 May 09
Yes you can. I have a pet dog, and is very well train. Your dog must to be 1 year old. First , you must your dog who is the master, don t let he to be your you can teach him that you will be first who enter in home, not him, he must eating only after you take your meal, you must love him, but never let him to feel that you are weak. After this you must start step by step to train your not so easy, you need patient, never change your mind in a relation with a dog. After you will repeat many times same command, you must give him something good as reward.Sugar, candy, but only if he listen to you. All what a dog make is because you give him something if he listen to you. First command is "down", he must don t move even a hour if you don t say to him to move, After you must to learn him to bring you something, a ball or a stick...and when he will bring what you ask, you must give him his candy.... I can talk about this one need a lot of patient, but after he will be a good train dog you will be so proud. You can train his at home, try to net, are so many trainers who will teach you all, i got one who send in my e mail all lesson, step by step. Was really great. I have a real lady now, very educated who can wait for me few hours to a store door, and no go away., if i don t come to take she.