investment opportunity

United States
May 6, 2009 2:07pm CST
im not sure the best way to go about this but, for the last month i have been in contact with an invention submission corporation about an idea i have. i have talked to a rep over the last couple of weeks and he states my invention would be useful. today i got a call back from him and he has done the research, and he has been in talks with 4 companies who want to manufacture my product. the service fee is $556 and 10% of royalties. what i am trying to do is offer anyone who is willing to invest....will get a percentage of the remaining 90% i get from royalties. i can assure you this product can be a big seller for hotels....the elderly etc. if anyone is interested.....plz PM me and once the $556 has been raised....i will take no more investors. plz do not ask what the product is because i am not allowed to discuss the product until the copyright and patent has been secured.
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