Question to all native speakers and persons whos speaking fluency in english.

learning english - it's learning english
May 6, 2009 2:55pm CST
Hello. First of all i haven't contact eye in eye with english or american peoples. I'm learning in english for many years but i've got problems with limited words which i know. Point of your view. What is the best way or ways to speak in english very well also thinking in english!!!! Which way is the best watching movies, reading loudy books or listing lessons in mp3 or other. Give me advice!!!. Please respond here!!!
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• United States
6 May 09
Joining this website and participating is a great way to imporove your vocabulary, because as you read the posts you will generally get a good example of English in its writen form. As for speaking it, you need to practice. A way to do that would be to buy books on tape. As you listen to the book follow along in a paper copy so that you can see the words you are hearing. By doing this you will improve your pronunciation so that when you do speak to a native speaker you will be understood. Try to find books that you like, if you are board then you will not learn as fast as you may like. Also do not become discouraged, this is a very hard language to master, just keep trying.