rich vs poor

@malkaff (171)
May 6, 2009 3:04pm CST
An old billionaire lives alone in a big empty house which no one visits anymore. A homeless surfer lives on the beach and knows everyone. Who is better off??
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@Sador88 (70)
• Netherlands
6 May 09
Neither. I'd rather be someone who doesn't has a lot of money but some good friends. Both of your options are, well, just not my thing. If I would have to choose I'd take the homeless surfer, because social contact is more important to me than money.
@kezabelle (2977)
6 May 09
It depends knowing everyone doesnt mean they are like a family i know many people who live down my street they are not friends though without my good friends id be just as lonely as the lonely billionaire! However if the sufer is friends good friends as in they help the surfer out when needed then the billionaire would be more lonely and therefore worse off i couldnt live alone and be happy no matter how rich I was!
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@umamahe (99)
• India
7 May 09
Both of the above situations are really not worth enjoying i feel. How will a homeless enjoy when he knows everyone he passes by will be happy unless he isn't happy with the situation he is now. Same as that of a billionaire he too won't be able to enjoy i mean it won't be satisfying. Man needs are endless and one cannot get satisfied that easily. so i would like to comment that neither of the them are worth saying better.