how do you define meditation?

@prathna (175)
May 6, 2009 8:32pm CST
i dont want dictionary definitions and all, i want to know how everyone defines meditation in their own words, what is it to you? what experience do you get out of it? do you do it often? do you enjoy it? does it help? tell me al about it. or tell me what you've heard about it, or maybe what you think it is
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@buli23 (550)
• India
13 Feb 11
I do not know the actual definition meditation but I think meditation is the way of keeping healthy by natural means. I can use yoga for keeping us healthy. We can do many physical works for our good health. The think we have to do many physical work for keeping us healthy.
• India
28 Jul 09
"meditation" it is a kind of "medication" which is natural and its results depend on how far you trust it.I do meditation daily and i am confidential to say that its results are damn good.If one starts doing it one's patience,power of thinking,analysing powers,fastness and accuracy in doing things e.t.c increase tremendously and one can identify such changes in one's self.