when was the first time u sang on stage?

@prathna (175)
May 6, 2009 10:42pm CST
how old were u? wat song did u sing? were u alone or in a group? was it a competition or a show? tell meee :D
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@btrcooky (176)
7 May 09
Never. I am too scared. I like to sing and even think I do it well, but could never do it on stage. I'd pass slap out.
@prathna (175)
• Canada
7 May 09
well you could try by starting out with a small audience, like jst your family, 4 or 5 people, then keep adding on, you might get over it eventually
• Malaysia
26 May 09
My first singing on stage was 22 years old. It was an annual dinner for our class in university. Me and my bandmate get to perform 5 songs. I was soooooo nervous and didn't feel comfortable with all the eyes staring at me. Even though they were all my friends but still I get nervous. Because I can feel their expectation for me to sing greatly.
15 May 09
I think it was at a party, and was with friedns, we had had a few, dont think it was loads, and we Sang Is This Love by Whitesnake....good stuff...