How much do you know about Chinese Kungfu?

May 6, 2009 10:57pm CST
Kungfu is one of the most precious part of Chinese culture.There are many good programs about Chinese Kungfu like Kungfu Panda which is a very interesting movie.How much do you know about Chinese Kungfu?
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@cindyhxf (1446)
• China
7 May 09
i heard about Kungfu cause i am chinese,but i didn't know too much and didn't know how to play kungfu well.many people think Kungfu is the skill of strong people to do.both strong in mind and body.
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@mhethess (379)
• Philippines
7 May 09
I don't know much, but I love watching chinese movies especially Jackie Chan's movie. I really enjoy his moves how he sway, kick. i am not familiar with the chinese moves and how they call it but when I see one I feel like kicking too, sounds funny but really indeed I love kungfu. i hope someday someone will teach me how to do that. How about you do you know chinese Kungfu and it's steps or moves?
• China
7 May 09
There are many famous Chinese film stars such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee,Jet Li and so on.Kungfu(also known as Wushu or martial arts)is a sport which utilizes both brawn and brain. The theory of Kungfu is based upon classical philosophy,while the skills of Kungfu consist of various forms of fighting like fist fights,weapon fights,and other fighting routines(including such offence and defence acts as kicking,hitting,throwing,holding,chopping and thrusting)and unarmed combats.
@CJscott (4191)
• Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
7 May 09
Kung fu, is a Chinese Martial art, that helps you to develop your body, mind and soul. Defend your self, and practice self discipline. It is a confrontational martial art, that pits your skills and strength against your opponents. Most practiced by so called ninja's. That is what I know. I personally want to know more about the Japanese art of Aikido, which is why I signed up for lessons.
• Indonesia
7 May 09
I do some taichi, both martial arts and healthy arts, it's fun actually, the principles of move in taichi is to teach you how to become one with your world, not fight against it. for the people who think taichi is some lazy move and not too tiring, you all damn wrong, those slow movement really put strain on my muscle. also not all taichi is slow, as for the martial arts they can be fierce at time. the basic principles is almost same as judo, they channel the power of your opponents and adding it to your own.