the most influential person in your life?

United States
May 7, 2009 2:17am CST
who has been the most influential person in your life? why or how were they so influential? For me it would definitely be my mother, we have been through thick and thin together. She has taught me all of my values in life, like she taught me love, she taught me kindness, and I think the biggest lesson in life that I've learned from her is sometimes no matter how sucky life can be, you still gotta find a reason to laugh. So now I am loving and kind person that see's the quirky side of life.
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• Philippines
7 May 09
There are two persons that are most influential in my life. Its my Mother and my Grandma. They were the one who molded me to become a better person. Since I dont have father anymore, they are the one who fill it up from my infant stage up to now. I really love them both. They strive hard to give me the best education and personality. I owe my life to them. I will not be as successful as what I am now without them both.
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• United States
7 May 09
Thats very sweet :) I am lucky to have a dad but he wasn't around alot so i know what you mean about having to fill things up. And its great and wonderful that your mom and grandma pushed you on your education, it means that they wanted you to be a strong, successful and well balanced woman :). Im happy for you that you had such wonderful influences in your life
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• Canada
11 Sep 09
I don't know if I'd call him "influential" or if he'd call me "influential" but my husband and I work together, and take eachother's thoughts, wants, and needs into consideration when making decisions. We walk about everything, good or bad.