How Your Denture Thinks

May 7, 2009 4:54am CST
Ever noted how your denture would sometimes be "misplaced." Well, it was not misplaced, it hid. And before you smile or giggle about this, check where your denture is, if it is where you last left it. You think your denture likes being in your mouth? Remember, it is not really part of you. For all we know, those false teeth probably once belonged to somebody who is now long departed from this life. Well, most dentures are made from porcelains, and that even makes them a lesser part of you. So the more they want out! You understand? Your denture wants its own mouth, same as you want your own denture. Have you wondered why some dentures keep falling off or spewed out in a trajectory? Nope, they didn't fall off accidentally. They jumped! And have you ever noticed why too many dentures seem not to fit onto gums? Don't blame dentists or orthodontists. The dentures think. They're alive1 They have a mind of their own! They try to wriggle out to freedom. I don't know how to tell this secret, but I know for a fact that dentures plan to take over the world. How? It's like this. If you don't know how to secure your denture as you talk, it will jump out and shoot out to the person you're talking to to hit the guy on the forehead. That starts a fight. Now, imagine what would take place when this happens full scale, like when a US president hits an Iraqi president with his denture, and the thing escalates to a nuclear war.
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