Too Many Pretzels in Chexmix

United States
May 7, 2009 2:05pm CST
Is there a snack food you like to eat, like trail mix or Chex Mix or some other sort of party mix snack, but there's a particular food in the mix that you don't like? For me, it's pretzels. I love Chex mix, but hate pretzels! I bought a couple bags of Chex mix today for something to snack on, figuring I could remove the pretzels, but honestly, there are more pretzels in this bag than anything else! What a huge waste of money! Has this ever happened to you?
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@lilybug (21145)
• United States
9 May 09
My son will only eat the cereal pieces, so I don't buy it anymore. I make it myself at home. They do have the all cereal Chex Mix out now too though. My sister likes these one jelly type things(Sunkist brand I believe), but she only likes the orange ones. She bought a bag once that only had 2 orange ones in the whole bag. She was bummed.
@Jennlk84 (4216)
• United States
8 May 09
I can't think of something right now off the top of my head, but I have to agree with you on the pretzels. I'm not a huge fan of pretzels. I don't mind eating them once in a while, but honestly...I'm not a huge fan. I always feel like there are too many pretzels in chex mix!
@smileonstar (4012)
• United States
7 May 09
That's what I about to say, they have so many pretzels. I also love this chexmix but no pretzels too.