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May 7, 2009 2:20pm CST
What do you truly believe happens to us when we die? I want to believe that there is life after death but i kinda don't like the fact of thinking that when i die i will become a ghost that will walk the earth forever doing nothing but watching over everyone else and being able to really interact so I hope that when i die I just go straight to some beautiful place (heaven if there is such a place) and just be happy with all the other dead people lol. what do u all think???????????? I have friends that are religious and say when we die we are just dead there is nothing else until god comes and bring us all back but i dont want to just die and believe that there is nothing after death that sucks big time !!!
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12 May 09
I believe our spirits live after dealth. I also believe in sickness, accidental, or crime related dealths the spirit is not settled, or at peace per say and can not rest comfortably on the other side as some people call it. That I believe is what causes the " Hauntings" you sometimes hear about. I only hope I go in a quiet peaceful way and rest comfortably on the other side and can watch over my daughter as best as I can from wherever I end up.