What went wrong? The Caps And The Wings lose/.

United States
May 7, 2009 5:59pm CST
I must confess I love both of these teams I am too close to Really see what is going wrong. I need your help. tell me what are the Caps doing wrong? And what should they change? And do you think Ther Red wings will advance. What do they need to do? Thanks.
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@tjhtommyj (261)
• Canada
9 May 09
I realize this is kind of an old topic now especially since the Wings won the other night, but when it comes to the Capitals, it's the same old habit. It happened again tonight, it's the Ovechkin show. Ovechkin went through a spell in the Ranger series where he tried to do it ALL himself. Sometimes it seems like he can take on the opposition on his own but there's four others, plus the goaltender, out there for a reason, not to mention three other lines. I think what happened is his hatrick performance is coming with a negative impact. He broke the spell, and was back in the series, he used his teammates and made a difference. After that performance, as amazing as it was, he seems to be trying to do too much again. I'm not saying this is all Ovechkin's fault as the D needs to be stronger as well. A little more aggressive on the forecheck and lay off a little when defending the rush, but Ovechkin needs to shake out of the attitude of doing it himself and start using his teammates again. That is when he is most effective.
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11 May 09
Thank you. Like I said, I am too close to see the whole picture. That' makes sense. Ovie wants to do Everything he can to win.It isn't being slefish , it is just the way he is .Funny, when I looked at the Caps , with at least a great scorer in every line , I thought it would be the Pens who would Have to rely on Sid, another star who does everything he can to win but isn't selfish,Have you ever seen the movie The Hustler? I was just thinking that the Pens are Minnesota Fats and The Caps are Fast Eddie the first time they played , In other words, The Pens are the pros, they have been t here before and the caps are the rookies
• Canada
11 May 09
That makes sense. The Pens have been there before. They can smell the blood and are like the sharks circling in the water looking to close out their prey. The Capitals though are probably nervous. I mean, I can't say for certainty because I'm not in that locker room but I'd imagine there are some nerves there. This is Washington's learning curve though. Varlamov as well. Think of how good this Caps team could be with the experience they've gained from this playoff season.