do you like money

@skypot (16)
May 7, 2009 9:05pm CST
do you like money ?why ,go ahead
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@20062010 (34)
• China
8 May 09
Frankly speaking, I like money. With money we can buy a lot of things even though we can not buy everything. If I have a lot of money,I will not have to control my temptation for the things that I love and don't have suffer a lot in my life. I want to make a lot of money after graduation and buy what I need and what I like. Of cause, If I have enough money, I will make my parents live a comfortable life which will be quiet better than now; go abroad for further study and travel around the world to enjoy the beatiful scenery in the world; help those who suffer from poverty.I will do my utmost to make all these dreams come true.
@TheAgent (221)
• United States
8 May 09
Who doesn't love money. I love everything about money, not just buying things. I love the decisions that go into making money, budgeting, saving, and spending money. I love treating people to things they can't afford. I love giving my kids the toys they want, that I could only dream of when I was a kid. I breath, eat, drink and sleep with money. My wife's nickname is money, but it should be money spender. LOL Just kidding.
@bigott (619)
• India
8 May 09
I dont care too much for much for money, money cant buy me love... but the thing which can is of $300. well i just workin hard for my Martin X series.