STAR TREK! I saw it first! possible spoiler if you want it.

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May 7, 2009 9:13pm CST
Not a hint of sylar! did you see it yet? I think that everything I say was amazing. The paradox is brilliant. If you really need spoilers then email me at bunny hoover @ gmail . com Seriously, superb kirk!
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8 May 09
I don't need any spoilers, hey some can do that, but me I cannot know a single thing going in to a movie otherwise I get bored too quickly. Im excited to see it and I wish Jolene Blalock was in it since they have a new cast, is she? Anyways, my bf tells me its before Captain Picard or when he was young but thats not a bummer because I heard so many good things said. I grew up watching Star Trek (Next Generation) and I hope it has that feel and I dont particularly like an overload of action in my films but maybe I'll be suprised because when my bf brought me to see the animated Star Wars I was into all the action, is that comparable? Thanks for the heads up my friend.
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13 May 09
This movie is superior to any star wars film ever made.It takes place a little more than 100 years before Captain Picard took control of The Enterprise. This movie is actually about Captain Kirk and how he met Spock and Bones and Scotty. The story is set just after they left Starfleet academy. It really is incredible. I am the same way about spoilers. I hate them, but if someone really has to know or they won't even give it a chance, I will be here. Don't miss this movie in the theatres, I don't think that a television will do it justice. Thanks for the great reply.