My Daughter Quit

@lynnemg (4536)
United States
May 7, 2009 10:34pm CST
A few weeks ago, I was so excited because my daughter was going to play soccer. She went to the first practice, and the first game, but when it came time for the second practice, she said that she couldn't wear her cleets because her toe hurt. She did drop the claw part of a hammer on it, so I believed that it really did hurt and didn't make her go that day. Well, time for her game came and she refused to go to it. She wouldn't give a reason either, but she did say that she had fun playing soccer. Anyway, in an effort to get her to go, I reminded her of the family rule, if the kids start a sport and don't complete the season because they either quit or got kicked off the team (which hardly ever happens here) they have to pay back the cost of registration and anything else that had to be paid for, for the sport. So, thinking that this would pursuede her, I reminded her. She told me that she wants to pay it back, she doesn't want to play soccer anymore. I have to admit, I am quite disappointed. Not only do I want my kids to always try their best and not quit, I was really looking forward to watching her play again. Has your daughter, or any female in your life ever really surprised you anf disappointed you at the same time?
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@dragon54u (31644)
• United States
9 May 09
Have you talked with her coach? Maybe he or she can help with this. My two sons each wanted to quit a sport but I wouldn't let them. Once committed, I told them, it's not only them that are involved but they have a responsibility to the team who is counting on them. They went through the season, reluctantly, and learned to think hard about what they wanted to do. I hope you can motivate your daughter to complete the season.
@leebeet (20)
• China
8 May 09
obviously,thare must be some reasons for her behavior,u should ask her,the reason i can guess is some conflicts between her and her team member.u can check.that is all