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May 8, 2009 5:32am CST
I am here for a while but I cant seem to get cash I am active here but no cash whY?
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@owlwings (42284)
• Cambridge, England
8 May 09
MyLot pays according to the quality of your activity, not 'per pst', so if you only ever respond with a few words, you are unlikely to earn very much at all. I have looked at a few of your responses and most of them seem to be very short. Notice what it says at the left of the screen when you type a response ... "Please be as descriptive as possible".
• United States
9 May 09
Owlwings, Thank you very much for your very descriptive helpfullness to the other poster. Your words also have helped me to see what I must do in order to earn $$$'s. In your experience, how much description should one put in their postings (either by response to others or just posting on their own)? Is there a scientific mathmatical formula to this? Thanks.
@jayrene (2712)
• Philippines
8 May 09
you said you are active here... but you have only 20 posts in 7 months??? that is not active to me. i suggest you try reading the faqs of mylot or tos, so you will have an idea on how to earn here. i just two weeks old here and i have already more than $6 in my account. try to post quality responses and discussions with quality, write it in 3 or more lines. responding to a discussion in one line only will not earn you any cash, that's what i know here. try to be descriptive and put your thought into it. when starting a discussion, upload related pic to it, it'll add to your earnings... but the most is, keep on posting here, respond to discussions and make sure you write it with quality in mind. it's not the number of posts, its the quality that counts. hope this helps
@MyzDy19 (919)
• Philippines
8 May 09
You can see your earnings... I guess after 1 or 2 days? I'm not sure but just keep participating and you'll earn a lot. You'll see your earnings it's just not now. Be patient. Welcome to Mylot ajlysay ^_^