Simple coup to solve the issue of the Office of the skin

@orderfox (231)
May 8, 2009 9:08am CST
Modern white-collar workers were almost every day with the computer,the central air-conditionling,as well as dealing with piles of work,the skin is also different,therefore a matter of degree. Many white-collar workers in the office for the survery,we found non-paste look,stay up all night syndrome,skin syndrome, such as computers is that they are most concerned about the issue of the Office of the skin. Of life in the office as a result of air-conditioning,pollution,seasonal changes in temperature brought about by conversion of pressure,and skin aging,slow metabolism and other factors can cause loss of skin moisture,the skin rough,peeling,grain formation caused a lot of skin issues. For example,air-conditioning in the cooling process,not only removing the heat of indoor air,will also take away the skin's surface water.Thus,in such an environment,almost on a daily basis should strengthen awareness of the skin surface at any ime in the water spraying is necessay,of course,do not forget to drink water from time to time.
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