Sexy or Slutt...?

@demleo (27)
May 8, 2009 9:24am CST
Do you think having a boyfriend in the first year of high school is acceptable? Is it a bit too young!? I don't know if my cousin should have a girlfriend and kiss her in primary ! :-0 Girls should know it's a mans world out there don't get a bad reputation!!! Stick to school work- don't ya think? And also is it right for girls aged 6-18 to be wearing makeup?
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• United States
8 May 09
A girl wearing make up at the age of six to me is a little insane. Once she hits high school, well it's a different story, she can wear make up but hopefully she wears it tastefully. Having a girlfriend/boyfriend in the first years of high school I don't see anything wrong with it. At this point in your life you are starting to grow, and become who you are. You start to explore, I had a boyfriend all through high school, even almost married him.
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@orang13 (723)
• Philippines
8 May 09
I think it is still too young. Having boyfriend at that age? HAHA, i think they are still innocent to enter into that kind of world. But somehow, basing on the current situation, having boyfriend in first year is okay, as long as they don't do those more mature actions. Maybe not kissing and ofcourse any other extent acts. They should know that they are still young enough. And those girls wearing makeup at the age of 6 is still a no no, try applying already if you reach teenage years. You are still far too young to be an adult. Don't they know that once they've done it, they cannot go back to their childhood thoughts. And once you'll grow old, you definitely gonna feel bad for acting so mature at an early age.