ptc and survey sites can earn u extra cash

United States
May 8, 2009 10:31am CST
People keep saying that ptc sites don't pay and it's a scam but I don't think so cuz I am signed on to a couple of them and I am doing pretty good!!! I also signed on with the best survey sites also and have gotten paid from them as well!! Maybe it depends on the person some people are just not patient and if they don't get money right away they call it a scam but the key is to be patient and you will start to see the money coming in atleast that is what happened to me!! I sitll work on the side but I have a part time job and when i work on the computer on these ptc sites and survey i get enough money to pay my bills and just have that extra cash to do as I please!! The best site to me are they are mxed with ptc sites and survey sites!!! surveyspot (got 2 checks of 20 and other of 15 but hey its something) surveyhead (I got 40 with them they send to paypal right away when u reach 25) quickrewards (pays daily in small amounts but still pays sent everyday to paypal) neobux (I have only gotten 10 so far but i just joined so its cool) (I know alot of people dont believe in this one but I have gotten paid so far) clixsense opinionoutpost (got 30 here too) opinionsquare ( they give points but i already redeem mine and got some toys for my baby) valuedopinions (got 30 from them so far) your2cents (received 10 so far) donkeymails wordlinx ppclix uniquerewards (received 23.51 cents in paypal) cashcrate (i got 28 here they send checks) cravingcash memolink sendearnings (really good got 60$ so far and i only been with them for month 1/2) inboxearnings (same as send earnings jut differnet name but also pays and they do have some options send earnings don't have) testpin (u can get a dollar a day if u qualify for surveys I qualified 4 sum and they send ur earning every week to paypal)
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8 May 09
Thats great..... do you write really from your expri or just like that