I got did by a Chiropractor

United States
May 8, 2009 12:46pm CST
Guess where Im heading right now? Down the street to a chiropractor that decided to make a quick buck off me. About a month ago the University held a health fair and I entered a free contest to win a free chiropractic exam. I was excited about it because I found out all this time they were right down the street from me and with my hiking I get alot of pain which I found out from their rep that day was a result of a disalignment in my lower back. I had to bring my kids with me that day and the only thing the secretary told me was that I will be getting an exam from the doctor and any other services HE WILL DISCUSS with me and I can set up arrangements to pay later. Im in the exam room he tells me again about the disalignment (I do stand at a angle, makes sense) and then tells me he's going to take care of me and its no problem. He does all the popping my bones stuff, massages my shoudlders and back and then brings in a lady to teach me exercises that will help my lower back. I did feel good after that and the exercises felt so good to do so I was excited because finally I had some answer to my back pain. And even though it was not in my budget to go scheduling a bunch of appointments that day (which they tried hard to arrange) I did go home and talk to my bf about going in together for sessions in the future and he was totally ok with it! So imagine my disgust when I get to the front desk and the doctor comes out and says its going to be $40.00! Ok, forty dollars is not so much but lets keep in mind I WON this exam and how was I to know any differently that anything in that exam wasn't for free!!! Im like, "Do you want me to pay, TODAY??" And he's like, yea, what do you got, cash, credit check?? My god, talk about golddigger. I say I do not have ANY money and this is what he sayS: Well, this is jeannie (the secretary) she's gonna talk with you because she's really good at getting money out of people I was in shock. First, it wasn't fair to the secretary to take care of his dirty work and mind you, she didn't pressure me to pay but just gave me prices if I were to come back for sessions in the future. So as far as I knew it was good. Now, I know times are tough and I know for them too because when I first came in I heard them talking about nobody coming in and the doctor was just saying 'think positive, they'll be in'. Im going right down there with that bill and telling them nicely that I am not paying for this. If they do not decide to cooperate Im letting them know Im going to the better business bureau to file a consumer complaint. Then Im writing a letter to the local paper (discussing how when times are rough the unsuspecting lower class fall prey) and if that doesn't work Im contacting the local attorney general!! What would you do?
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