That One Person

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May 9, 2009 12:54am CST
Do you have that one person in your family that has always been there for you no matter what? It could be four o'clock in the morning and they get out of bed to help you through your issues. There more of a parent to you than the man and woman that produced you. They tell you when their proud of you, disappointed in you, and honored by something you have done. Well I do and his name is William David Jones II (my big brother).With my biological father passing when i was only a few months old all i really had as far as a father figure was my older brother. The older we got the more he excepted the responsibility of helping to raise me. True enough I went through my stage of rebelion when i didn't want to listen when anyone told me what to do. I was gone do what i was gone do. That aint get me no where but third degree burn marks and scared mentally for life. But through it all he still tuck by my side. He still encouraged me to do right, not only by our family but by GOD. I love him to death and i cant thank him enough for sticking in there with me through it all. That is why my first born son will have his first name "William" as his middle name. Do you have anyone in your family that you can honestly say has been there for you like my brother has been there for me?
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@PeacefulWmn9 (10424)
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10 May 09
Your brother sounds like a wonderful person. I am fortunate, that yes, several people in my family have always been there for me when it counted the most: my dear mom, my youngest sister and one other sister, and my grown daughters. Family like that is a true blessing! This was a good question : )
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23 Jun 09
I like this discussion, but why you put his full government on the net for the world to see?
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24 Jun 09
Because I believe it would be good for the world to know who my brother is and what a great person he is.