have you ever sold your books.?

@fwangaa (3058)
May 9, 2009 7:20am CST
i have ever sold my books. i didn't want to sold it. i just told that man i didn't sell my old books for this slow price. if you bought them a little high price , i would sold them. so that man improved the price. so i had to sold my books. i was so regret about this wrong thing. have you ever sold your books?
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@lynnchua (3415)
• Singapore
13 May 09
I have never sell my books before. I will give it away if I don't want it anymore even if I bought them a little high price. I rather give it to someone who need it or someone interested in it.
• China
12 May 09
I have the same experience with you, I had sold my books, just for some place to put other things. But when I realized the price I sold was quite low than the price I paid for a book, I was regret about it and seldom do that from then.
• China
9 May 09
I have ever sold some of my old books used in elementary school and middle school.I have no regret about that because I think they have no use and there isn't enough space for them.I keep most of the books I have bought.I wil re read the books in my spare time.Reading can bring me much happiness.Have a nice day!
@yonkie (440)
• Philippines
9 May 09
I only have few books and those are my collections. I don't like to sell them. My aunt is selling her pocket books. She always buy pocket books. She loves to read novels. After reading it, if she don't like to keep it, she sells those pocketbooks. I asked some of them for free and I was so thankful that she never said no. She said that as long as you read it and you take care of it, why not. She loves to see people who also appreciate the things that she enjoy.
@dragon54u (31628)
• United States
9 May 09
I've sold everything. When my husband filed for divorce I didn't have much choice, I had to pay attorney fees. I figured that books are in my memory forever so they're not really gone. The same with my artwork, jewelry and other things. I even sold a guitar when things got really desperate. You've already spent the money on the books, they are parked in your memory, you might as well get some of your money back.
@ElicBxn (61192)
• United States
9 May 09
I have some books from when I was a teen. I only sell books I didn't care that much for. Considering that I have THOUSANDS of books, mostly stored in a shed, most of them read, I would say that I probably don't sell most of my books.
@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
9 May 09
No, i never sold my books, i love books so much i can t sold them. I barrow only, when somebody ask me a book, but all time i buy books, never i can sold "my friends".I forgot, i like to buy books to give as gift for my friends too, when somebody give me a book i apreciate this a lot.
@gongchhua (272)
• China
9 May 09
Yes. I have done that. I remembered that I had to leave my college, but I could not take all my books with me. I sold many books with a low price. Now, I am regret too.