Anything Can Be Sold Easily On The Name Of Religion

May 9, 2009 8:51am CST
In previous month , I read one report which is that religion and s*x is the most sailable thing. You can sell anything easily on the name of the two. Religion going to be commercial issue in these days. In these days every holy place is full of crowds. These crowds only want to identify herself on the name of God. Due to all these religion can be sold easily. Now people forget all the meaning of religion. They just want want to identify hersel as religious but they don't know what is the effect of all these things. Due to all this religion is full of superstion as well. Even God don't like this issue.
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@ulalume (713)
• United States
11 May 09
I think its wrong when religious groups go out and open their own stores to sell their own religious material. I've been to some Christian stores, and they are kind of strange when you really look around. I mean, there are Christian branded mints (Testamints) in our existance. If someone wants to be religious, than by all means go for it; but isn't something like this kind of pushing it?
• India
12 May 09
Is you not seen that most of the religious organisation are involved in religious business. They are selling things on the name of religion. Even they are doing marketing of religion as well.
@isshin (32)
• Indonesia
9 May 09
That right, and that is a sad fact of today's life that cannot be denied. i guess everything in this world happen in cycle, maybe this is sign of the recurrence of the Catholic Church practice of the middle ages where people actually think that they can go heaven just by donating a lot of money to the church, and there is a lot of these kind of practice where the one that is supposed to be the "holy man" or "apostle" is actually trying to gain a lot of money by scamming people by providing the so called salvation. it is truly sad....
• India
9 May 09
But this phase of cycle is not acceptable. This has several negative consequence. Even I not understand why God or human create this type of situation. Overall it is not fair.