How You Learn Cooking

May 9, 2009 9:14am CST
Most of the people learn cooking from there home only. Bot professional cook learn from home and from some institute as well. So what is your type. Is you can say that you are good in cooking. Is you can win heart of anybody by your cooking only. Is cooking gives you satisfaction as well or you are cooking only for your stomach. How much taste you can put in your food. Is you are among those person who think that cooking is must learne skill for everybody. Share here your opinion about the cooking. And about the first dish you ever made.
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• Philippines
10 May 09
The first dish that I cook was pork adobo. I just follow the instruction my mom provide me and I made it so good. It was really delicious and that's the best adobo I've ever made. I dont know how I make that so good. Or maybe Im just so hungry that's why I really like it then. Lolz! Coz when I try to cook it again the other day, it wasnt that delicious althought it still taste good but not as good as the one I first made. In cooking I guess we need to learn from our self first before we can be a better cook. Dont be afraid to experiment. I have a friend who wasn't really good in cooking but when she and her boyfriend lived in together, she experimented with different cooking. And I could say that she is really good now. I tasted some of the food she make and it was really delicious that you would really miss the food she cooked.
• India
11 May 09
Generally, all people learn cooking from there mom only. But at later stage of life they forget all the things which is taught by there mothers.
@hanah87 (1835)
• Malaysia
9 May 09
Hi!I learn cooking from my mom.She is a great cooker.I like to watch my mom when she cooking,so from that i can learn to cook and know new recipe.Beside that i also make a searching in internet to find other recipe.
• India
9 May 09
Is you can think that you can cook better from your mom. Is you learn anything exta which is not taught by your Mom.
• United States
12 May 09
I learned to cook from my dad. He is a great cook and he can make almost anything. He just ended up with that tallent in life and his love for cooking made me love to cook too. He taught me by letting me help him as I was growing up and over time I just took over a bit more here and there. Now I am cooking for a family of my own and I enjoy it so much. I am also teaching my kids to cook as they get older. Its just quick foods now but everyonce in a while I am surprised by how much they really know.
• India
10 May 09
I have learned cooking from my mother..I know to make some dishes with all it's nature.My first experiments in cooking were all failures. But as i goes i was able to make some dishes.
@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
9 May 09
I am one who like cooking a lot, and i like all time to learn.I am not a great eater, but i like make my family and friends happy with something delicious, when i can. First time when i learn to cooking was when i was very young, from my grandmother, she was the best. i don t know if i can win somebody heart with my food, but for sure that i can win his stomach.
• India
9 May 09
If you can win stomach then you can win heart as well. You are good in cooking. Be on your path. Overall cooking is the most sought skill for everybody.
14 May 09
I use recipes from my site :D
@Keykan (31)
• Indonesia
9 May 09
I learn to cook from my mother, but unfortunately i'm not as good as her. Everything that she makes become very delicious, even it's just omelet:-). She cooks really fast too. If i have to take 30minutes to cook, than she just need 10minutes and of course taste good too. I don't think i'm good at cooking. Maybe i just cook for my stomach:-), rather than being hungry hahaha.