Do you cook for yourself?

@cudamani (996)
May 9, 2009 9:56am CST
I do that occasionally. When my wife is not at home I do that but I find it boring. It takes a lot of time for me to cook. I do not enjoy cooking at all. But I would like to improve on it. I am doing my best to enjoy cooking because cooking is a great art!
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• United States
12 May 09
I do most of the cooking in my house. My kids each have a day of the week that their chore that day is to plan and make dinner. It is usualy something simple like spruced up mac and cheese or top ramen but they are learning. I think it is important that everyone learns how to make basic meals. I love to cook. I learned it from my dad. He is a great cook and he really enjoys it. We used to read cookbooks together and watch cooking shows. Now I have a family of my own and I am trying to pass that love on to my kids.
• Philippines
10 May 09
I cook for my self if there no one to do it for me. Lolz. Specially when I was still renting in a dorm. I cook but sometime if I dont have time, I just buy my food outside at the carenderia.
@SHAMRACK (8586)
• India
9 May 09
Dear friend, I so cook sometimes and also do some experiments with cooking. Some of it may come as tasty success and some just a mess.But I do enjoy cooking at times and in between I would listen to televison or musics.
@tabsnlos (587)
• United States
9 May 09
Yes I do. I love to cook =)I think its relaxing and makes me feel really good about what I am eating since I did it and know whats in it.
@mkchaves (532)
• Canada
9 May 09
uhm, if possible I would, i have to learn first. LOL i really would want to cook delicious dishes :p ... My dad is a great cook, and i want to be like him. i'll learn. someday