May 9, 2009 10:11am CST
Do you accept bribes ?
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• Pakistan
9 May 09
Since everyone is hankering after money these day, I also love to earn more and more money to live a comfortable life with my family. But my earnings must be lawful and legal. Bribe is impermissible in every religion. It adulterates your pure earnings, making you guilty of taking money unlawfully. Our Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, "The giver and the taker of bribe are both hellish." May God save us from unlawful money and give us strength to earn more and more money through fair means.
• Qatar
10 May 09
Yes you are right khadimhussainsubhpot , Bribes is unacceptable in Islam.
@mhethess (379)
• Philippines
9 May 09
Hello November21, are you born on the month of Novemeber for I was also born on November, By the way I am a public servant and God servant too, I will not and avoid accepting bribes for it will ruin my job, my integrity and my relationship with the Lord. I hope and pray that the Lord will hep me with this and continue to live bribeless life. I Hope that everyone understand the importance of not accepting bribes or the importance of not connected with bribery for it will really help one nation grow and be productive. Thanks Can you add me as your friend?
• Qatar
9 May 09
Hello,yes i was born in november21, it's so nice that we are born in the same Month. i appreciate your response to this discussion, because as you said bribes will ruin not only our jobs but also our lives and also will make God not satisfied about us. Sure i will add you it's my pleasure my dear.
@dodo19 (42882)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
18 May 09
Personally, I really don't know if I could accept a bribe. I think that it might depend on the situation, but even then, I can't say exactly what I'd do, if someone bribed me, or something like that.
@arcidy (5012)
• United States
9 May 09
Depending on the bribe and how much there willing to pay me then I would probally accept it since I need as much money as I can and I see nothing wrong with accepting a bride well it depends on what they want if its illegal then I probally wouldnt unless if I was affraid of them then I would.