What would you change if you could?

@teresat (156)
United States
May 9, 2009 1:05pm CST
What would be the one thing that you would change about your life if you could? Would it be your career? Your place of residence? Something about you as a person, whether it be physical or intellectual?
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• United States
10 May 09
I would bring my mom back. I miss her.
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@AmbiePam (59132)
• United States
10 May 09
I would like to be off disability and finishing my college degree as I had to drop out right as I became a senior in college. I'm lucky to have gotten that far as I had to drop in and out of school due to my health before I had to quit for good. I started college at sixteen, and thank goodness for that, or else I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did, which doesn't seem to far to me. I really want to have a job and be off disability. I loved my last job so much. I worked at a Children's Mental Health Hospital.
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@katsalot1 (1618)
9 May 09
The most important person in my life is my daughter. She suffers from severe depression, and if I could change one thing it would be for her to lead a happy, healthy life. There are many other people and things that I care about deeply, but she is what I worry about the most.
• India
9 May 09
i would likely to change all living beings mind , & make them such that they all love each other , respect each other , help each other to live a healthy & good life. & dream of becoming reach will fail , but competition will be still there to enjoy life more better.