Any Unforgetabble Experience With Your Mom?

@bing28 (3798)
May 9, 2009 6:30pm CST
I remember during my elementary days since our school don't have canteen, everyday my mom would just appear at the door of our classroom with a glass of hotmilk. My teacher was so kind enough to handed it to me, even sometimes my mom arrived during casses hours. That was more than forty years ago, still I can't forget that loving gesture of my mom. So many more wonderful experiences we have for our great moms, would you mind sharing one? Happy Mother's Day, Friends.
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@haiershen (1082)
• China
9 Sep 09
good discussion! yes, i also have such more unforgetable experience with my dear mom.when i was little girl, i got a fever in the middle of the night,she feel worried and take my to the hospital immediately after she found,but unlucky, there is no any cars or taxis which can be found on the road,so she take me by foot and went a long road,this night, my mom have no time to rest and she was still sitting along with all the time, on the next day afternoon, my fever go down, she was very tired and sleeping aside with me we wish my mom and dad will be happiness for ever with good health. good luck and have a nice day!
@williamjisir (22900)
• China
8 Sep 09
Hello dear bing. I have had many unforgettable experiences with my loved mom, especially when I was a little kid, who got sick because of my being naughty that got me hurt and sick that I had to be in hospital a few times a year. It was my dear mom that always took me to the hospital for treatment. My mom was so worried about me each time I got sick. Thinking of those old days when I was young, I could not forget many people and things, especially my mom. I appreciate my mom and I wish my mom as well as my father to live healthily and happily as always. Thank you for your discussion on this topic.