Jesus Says This is Mothers' Day

May 9, 2009 7:02pm CST
When Jesus was nailed on the cross, he told John that Mary (Jesus' mom) was his mother. He also told Mary that John was his son. This opened a whole new perspective on motherhood--and Mother's Day. Jesus began here a radical concept on being a mother and a son, and on the family, as a whole. Mary and John had no blood relation, but Jesus said they now had, as of the time Jesus spoke this, a kinship thicker than blood--spiritual relationship. The spiritual family, to Jesus' mind, is the real family. Also, once, Jesus' family was fetching him to come home. It was the time his family doubted his sanity. Some people told him that his family was outside the house calling him. He asked them, "Who is my family?" He looked around and pointed to his disciples and said, "These guys here, who do the will of God, are my mothers, brothers, and sisters!" Jesus introduced the Kingdom concept that your real family is your spiritual family. And your real mother is your spiritual mother--one who is deeply surrendered to God's will. Do you have one? While loving your biological mother and family with all sincerity, you should begin to look for your spiritual mother (and family), and love her and greet her, in the spirit, "Happy Mothers' Day!" Jesus says, this is how Mothers' Day ought also to be celebrated.
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@marguicha (166149)
• Chile
16 May 09
Even though my choldren "do" something for me on Mother´s day and I also greet my mother, I think Mother´s day is greatly over rated with the exception of the millions of $$$ that businessman make all over the globe with this. I am a mother, a daughter, a grandmother. I also had two grandmothers all my childhood. I think relations between mother and children fall into the category that I call love-hate. Nobody teacher mothers how to be a good one. And many times there´s dispair and even HATE for the child that is not behaving.. The same thing happens to the children toward their mothers as soon as they reach their teens. I suppose that, after a time, you come into acceptance of the other. And, if you are the son or daughter, give her a flower because you are supposed to... The great contradiction manking has is that we are gregarious but we can hardly tolerate our own selves.