what is the present you prepared for your mother for the coming Mother' Day?

mother's love - mother's love is the greatest love of all,when we young our mother teach us how to be a good person and we should we do and what we should not do,mother play an important part in our life.
mother's is coming,so how you will do for your mother?
May 10, 2009 1:20am CST
Mother's Day is coming! as we all know mohter is the most important person in our life,it is her who bring us up and teach us how to become a good person,under her guidance we grow strongly,she is the first teacher in our life,she play a significant role in our daily life,no one can denies her great love for us. as we grow up,our mother is getting old,how can we express our love for her good- to-excellent care? now mother's day is coming,how will u to express you love to your mother?what's your present you prepared for your mother?
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