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May 10, 2009 4:46am CST
How long can we store our money in our paypal account? Is it possible to accumulate money in our paypal account? Can anyone help me? Thanks.
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• Germany
10 May 09
As I have experienced the PayPal money stays over months. It is like a normal bank account and there is no reason for the "PayPal-bank" to take away our property other than by fees for their services.
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@mhae15 (744)
• Philippines
10 May 09
I think it is safe to let our money in our paypal even g=for a longer period of time. But I suggest you that if you already have enough money in your account where you can already request cashout without any service fee you better get it out of your paypal account for a much better and safe place like deposit it in your local bank account. Happy mylotting.
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@rglodak (573)
• Indonesia
10 May 09
Ofcourse its possible. we can accumulate money in our paypal account as we want. unlimited. but withdraw for personal accoount in limited. but you can ignore it when u upgrade ur accoount to be premiere or business accoount
@kassdaw (591)
• United States
10 May 09
Pay Pal is an online bank basically. You can keep as much money in it as you would like. You can only withdraw $500 a month, unless you have it raised by submitting a form. But basically you can do with and keep as much money as you would like in your pay pal account. Nothing states you must remove the money from the account.
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@user_786 (1338)
10 May 09
i think you can keep money for ever. there is no fee for keeping money in your paypal account.
• China
10 May 09
I think it is possible to do that. Now my paypal only have $10 so i can not cashout it. Really bad.
12 May 09
you can withdraw as little as you like from paypal
@prinzcy (32762)
• Malaysia
10 May 09
It is possible. Paypal is like an online bank. You can keep your money for as long as you want in there. It got threat like any normal bank like hackers and else. No problem. For me, Paypal is the medium. Money that I earn online will be accumulate there until I reached certain amount for withdrawal. For us, international members, Paypal will deduct certain amount as the withdrawal fee (or is it transfer fee?) So it is important to keep your money in there until you reach the reasonable amount.