do you eat any medicine to improve your sleep ?

@fwangaa (3057)
May 10, 2009 7:18am CST
are you usually don't go to sleep quickly? what usually you do to improve your quality of sleep? many persons drink milk will improve your sleep. but nowadays are you afraid to drink milk? i ever eat a lot of medicine before i go to sleep. but now i can't eat them again. they eaily can improve your weight. i just use my head for all day. that will make you earsily to sleep.
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@lynnchua (3412)
• Singapore
13 May 09
I try not to but most of the time I have to take medication to improve my sleep. I have sleeping problems on and off.
@playapal (894)
• United States
13 May 09
Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping even after a full day of work and taking my dogs for a walk. It seems like my brain just won't shut down. I try drinking camomile tea and if that doesn't work I take a tylenol pm. I try not to do it often, but if I can't sleep, I'm not worth a darn the next day.
@mimpi1911 (25464)
• India
11 May 09
I do not take any sleeping pills. My work all day long and get sleep automatically. I think working makes you sleep better.
@youless (109723)
• Guangzhou, China
11 May 09
I don't want to take any medicine to improve my sleep. I don't like medicine. If it's not necessary, I don't want to take it. I prefer to have the natural method like drinking a cup of milk. I have no sleeping problems as a whole day's work already made me tired. I can fall asleep so soon:) I love China
• India
11 May 09
No, I not eat any medicine. Even I want to suggest to you that avoid these type of medicine these are not good for health. Apart from that these medicine have lots of side effect as well.
• Lithuania
10 May 09
the best medicines for sleep is walking one hour before going to sleep and go straighy to a bed afte long shower.. or other way.. a good "love making" :D but if these do not work so i am playing a very very boring game in my phone or read a boring book.. the best medicine for me is to read a book, which i learn from... i hate that book, sofew minutes and i sleep:D