Why he do this to me?

@hanah87 (1835)
May 10, 2009 11:20am CST
I am really mad at one of my friends now!Why he do this to me?Before this,I got a new friends from an online community and i promote my blog to them.After that i recieved a message from one of them told me that he had click at some of my ads in my blog and wants me to do the same thing for his blog.I dont ask or force him to click at my Google ads,i just offer and promote to he and my other friends for see my blog.He do not ask my permission for it and click too many time at my ads until it get banned and disabled now.I am really sad.I know it was his work,because i had check my Google account always and there were not have any earning before until i got a message from him told me that he had click at my Google ads and i check my Google account,and found an earning from his click.I really shock and afraid because of his work! I want to do to Google about this fraud click before this but i dont know how and just let it go from my mind.After that i never click at to his ads in his blog or ask he question about what he done to my blog because i dont want he click to my Google ads again.And now what i had think and afraid before this had happened to me.Why he do this to me?!Dont he think he do the wrong thing?I am really sad and mad!
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• India
10 May 09
This is the bad part of the world my friend. People do something good and if you don't appreciate them or actually repay them for their "favours" then they are the same ones who do the bad things to you. Just do one thing, DO NOT take revenge. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind...
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@blue65packer (11831)
• United States
11 May 09
It sounds like you friend wasn't a true friend and this planned all along! This is why I won't promote anybody's blogs ,web sites or adds. I don't and won't trust so called friends who want me to do this stuff! You have to be careful of making friends on line! I do! If I don't I know I'd be screwed like you were!