During run out in cricket..i have a doubt???

@boomima (227)
May 10, 2009 11:21am CST
in cricket during run out decision is given to the third umpire, when he sees the camera, the batsman keeps is bat on the line , when the bails comes out,, wheather he is out or not, on the line is out or not... plz reply me
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@vinslounge (1297)
• India
10 May 09
Hi Boomima,If a batsman keeps his bat on the line and when the bail comes out, there can be decisions given based on the following 2 criterias. 1. If the bat is just grounded on the line and the bails come out, then the batsman is adjudged RUN OUT. If the bat has crossed more than half the width of the crease- (it is locally termed as 'Half reach')then the batsman need not be adjudged as Run out. 2. If the Third umpire is confused due to the happenings like the batsman reaching the half width line exactly and in one angle it looks like the batsman had made it wheras in the other angle it seems the batsman may or may not have made it to the crease, then there arises a Decision called "Benefit of Doubt" and there is an Unwritten Agenda in Cricket called BENEFIT OF DOUBT and it always turns out to be in the favour of Batsman and hence he is entitled to continue with his innings.
@Mac6999 (706)
• India
10 May 09
The crease belongs to the bowling team. So if the bat is on the line they are OUT. The batsmen has to be behind the crease (ie fully inside) to be given NOT OUT. Theres nothing like half in or half crease. Sometimes when the third umpire is asked to give a decision it can be diffucult to see with the camera angles he has, in this case the batsmen get the benefit of the doubt. Hope this helps
@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
10 May 09
hey boomima welcome to MYLOT. Once a batsman bat is on the line he cannot judge run out. The third umpire is called upon because the standing umpires isn't able to make the call. The third umpire than will looked at it at all angles before making his decision. Sometimes run out can be questionable but still such is the game of Cricket.