Whats LINUX like compared to WINDOWS?

May 10, 2009 11:44am CST
I have always used Windows, so I am wondering what the LINUX operating system is like and which is the best one. I have also heard that you can load this LINUX onto a PS3 - could anyone give me some advice and tips on LINUX. Thanks
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@sutsag (86)
• Philippines
10 May 09
Windows is the most prominent proprietary operating system, while linux is the most prominent operating system that is free! software (note that many Linux distributions also have small amount of proprietary componets, such as compiled binary blob drivers provided by hardware manufacturers, for thier default installation.) The two operating systems compete for user-base in the personal computer market as well as the server market, and are used in government offices, shools, business offices, homes, internet and internet server, supercomputers, and embedded systems. Windows dominates in the desktop and personal computer markets with about 90% of desktop market share, and accounted for about 6+6% of all servers sold (not used) in the year 2007. In server revenue market share (200704) Windows achieved 36.3% and Linux achieved 12.7% As of November 2007. Linux powered 85% of the world's most powerful supercomputers, compared to windows 1.4%. In February 2008, Linux powered five of the ten most reliable internet hosting companies compared to windows two. perhaps that info will give you some advice which is which is better.
11 May 09
It's obvious that linux is making ground because of its code simplicity and its freeware status, The stats you provided are truly amazing, I am definitely going to acclimatize myself with Linux in the near future, I am learning web design at the minute - CSS using dreamweaver, then i'm going to learn Flash CS4. I also want to learn Java and Linux - it's like trying to climb a mountain but I will get there eventually - Thanks for responding Happy Mylotting.
• United States
10 May 09
Hm. Look up Ubuntu. That's a pretty easy one to start with. Just remember though - Linux is generally more complicated than Windows (or well, it has the reputation) so be a bit patient with it. With Ubuntu it isn't that bad at all, but be aware. Also, you can load certain distros onto a PS3 but it's really too slow to be of any use except as a novelty. But you can certainly try it! And if you're curious, you can search for videos on youtube or another video site. I know you can find some on videos of linux on ps3, at least.
11 May 09
I'll try that thanks, I understand it is more complicated but I have a good 10 years experience with computers but I am only now able to expand myself further in to this area!! Cheers for the info, i'll let you know how I get on!