does girls love money more than the true love?

May 10, 2009 11:58am CST
i used to feel that my girlfriend loves me a lot but when she came to knew that i am not that rich,she ditched me is that so she ditched me for the money
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@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
10 May 09
lol welcome harsh, there are alot of persons who are like this. Both male and female ditched their prospective partners. Sometimes we see a person all nice and accommodating and we confuse it with love but then reality comes in and they run. Sacrifices in relationships are no longer there you see persons want a partner who is well off and so my advice to you is to be honest with your finance so that you will not be hurt. I have a friend who I make sure let him know that I have no money and so he need to understand this first and foremost. After putting my card on the table and he understand this we have developed not a fictitious LDR but one that we hope will be fruitful one day. So my friend just be yourself and someone will come along who will take you for who you are.
@lrglara (1347)
• Philippines
10 May 09
not all girls prefer someone rich. i hope i dont offend you but there probably deeper reason why she left. it probably must be a coincidence that the guy is rich. i don't know her that's why im giving her the benefit of a doubt. if you really think that's her reason, im sorry for what happened. I still think that's not the case and i pity her for being superficial. :)
@flowerday (322)
• Singapore
10 May 09
hihi... i feel that some girls really do love money more than true love as there are many many young girls who always aspire to marry a rich man... but not all girls are like that...there are some girls who do not really love money more than true love, just that they feel that they need to find someone with financial stability... for me, i do not really love guys just for their money, but i will want someone to have at least stable income.