Test cricket versus T20

May 10, 2009 2:17pm CST
Cricket is considered the game of gentlemen. Now, we find three different versions of this game: Test cricket, One day cricket and now T20, which has been very popular recently. There is no denying the fact that real charm of cricket lies in test cricket where both batsmen and bowlers show their skills with great precision. Unlike one day cricket and T20, Test cricket is the real test of the skills of both batsmen and bowlers. Regrettably, after one day cricket, T2o cricket, just because short lived poularity, has caused a great damage to the popularity of cricket. The series like IPL and ICl have done a great harm to the world cricket by their attractive and tempting packages they offer to cricketers around the world, who even think of early retirments and take part in lucrative and money making game by playing only for few weeks. What is your opinion in this regard?
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