is it possible to love someone without being in love with them?

@mitchii (154)
United States
May 10, 2009 10:01pm CST
wondering what you guys think? if your in a relationship with someone you love and for some reason things are not going right to the point where you have to split i think its possible to still love the person but the passion could be gone so your not (in) love with that person any more, you can still care but just not the same what do you guys think? TO ME YOU CAN LOVE SOMEONE BUT NOT BE IN LOVE WITH THEM!!!
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@msBetty (84)
• Philippines
14 May 09
yes is it possible. Just loving the person without expecting somthing in return. You just love them, they are special, but not to the point of having them as our lover.
@BarBaraPrz (24585)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
11 May 09
Oh, definitely. You love your friends and family, but aren't (necessarily) in love with them. The same can apply to a relationship, where you're very comfortable with the other person, but not completely gaga over them.
@srganesh (6345)
• India
11 May 09
Yes!It is possible.And it happens in one sided loves more.You love a girl so much,but she is not in a position to accept you.So,the love for her just remains even without her consent.We can't just forget her as she is not willing to love back.Cheers!