Is You Listening Or Understand As Well

May 11, 2009 12:39am CST
Generally, all people in this world listening but there are very few people in this world who can understand as well. It does, nt matter how much you listen, main thing is that how much you understand. Understanding involves mind as well whearas listening require only ears. If you can understand anybody then you easily become friend of anybody. Understanding directly related to good friendship. So share here your opinion about listening and understanding.
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• Philippines
11 May 09
Do you know whats my problem?I cant understand well.I mean,when I listen I cant concentrate because my mind focuses on my ears so when someone tells me something the details are process in a delayed time.So when someone talks,it took me to the maximum of 1 minute to respond to a question. Actually I have a phobia in listening,I mean,im a bit intense and nervous when someone tells me something,i feel anxious.It started when my dad and my aunt scolds me all the time,they said I wasn't listening or I didn't get what they're saying.From then on,I started becoming paranoid and nervous (Especially if either both of them instructs me something.)Im afraid that they would scold me again. Anyways,as of now im practicing not to be scared.!Im trying to be good and better. I dont want to be like this so as much as possible I try my best to understand what people are saying.
@asimo603 (1366)
• Malaysia
11 May 09
It is undeniable that not many people are good listener and also understandable at the same time. This is not really so important because for me most of the time people just need someone to listen to them and not really seeking for solution. I am a good listener to my friends and me too have few friends who always there to listen to me when I'm in despair. People needs someone to listen to them because they need a way to release their tension and despair and being a good listener always help.
• India
11 May 09
Its solely depends upon how you can concentrate on other talks. If you want to neglect other then you can do so, but understanding always require attention.
• India
30 May 09
This is really a wonderful skill. When a person says that he is listening it is not always true. About 99.9 % is false that he is listening. He is only physically available but mentally he is hovering somewhere else. Listening needs to be incorporated with understanding. Without it there is no use of listening. It is like a water purifier with a carbon candle. Where the film is simply listener and carbon candle is like a listener with understanding!