Is it right to pretend to show love a person you don't love because she dying?

May 11, 2009 3:14am CST
I have a friend then his problem is about the girl who really so much in love with him. He doesn't love the girl but the girl confessed to him that she is dying because she has a heart problem. At first, he doesn't believe but he confirmed to the parents of the girl that all statement of the girl are true. Is it right to pretend that he love so much the girl even he doesn't really love the girl?
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@rich_yu (163)
• Israel
12 May 09
i think ist not rigth to pretent frist of all how about the guy now and how about if the girl will know the true so its will be more guilty and pain for the girl the guy should tell at the begging than maybe they cant be a good friend to pretend and to be hepocrate is the one i hate it suppose to be true.
• Philippines
15 May 09
Thanks for your response.Sometimes it is more honorable not telling the truth so you will not hurt the feeling of the person. She is dying, all she want is love from her boyfriend so you must pretend that you really love her more than friend so when the come she die, she was very happy because she experienced the love of her dream guy.
• Philippines
11 May 09
Hi music lover! Pretending is not actually good. This is not a healthy move. Just be true to yourself because I'm sure the girl would appreciate your honesty. Anyway, doing such thing for good purpose would be accepted as long as you make the person happy. good luck!
@merphius (225)
• Philippines
11 May 09
it will just hurt the girl much more on the pretending his doing. Actions speaks louder than words. Being a good friend close to each other is a being way. Be true and be loved the way you are....