dont you think that theres is a problem without a solution?

@mymaria (379)
May 11, 2009 4:39am CST
hi mylotters, will if you read this question maybe you can easily think that , theres no problem without a solution, right? Will for me yes, theres no problem without a solution, but i ask this question, i just want to knew if there are people who believe in this?. I have something to say about what i have read in the newspaper yesterday when my auntie buy a newspaper, i read something interesting in my eyes. there is a woman get into prison. i really felt sad for what her problem?, her sister ask her to withdraw a money in the bank of about 200 thousand. she use the name of the company with a signature of their managers, but totally it is not really a signature of a manager, her sister is an employee she counter sign it. the name use of a woman is a name which employed in the company of her sister. she really doubt to process it because she think that it is wrong. and when she withdraw it in the bank, she use the company check of her sister, she give all the money to her sister. and one day they get into trouble because of that. there manager alarm why there is a big money withdrawn in that day. her sister traveled in a place which she dont know. she is only a victim of her sister, now shes on the prison. four days after, she commit suicide. she wrote a letter to her sister, saying that ' i really regret of what ive done in my life. i think in my problem i have no solution for this but to die. i need to rest and not to suffer all this things. maybe im not in the heaven but God knows all of it. because of you im in the prison for 4 days now you see the problem you give into me. i want to die as long our family will not suffer anymore and even myself. all those i did it just for you but where are you now?you leave me and be happy of the money. Good luck to you. so sad story right? i think for her there is no solution to her problem. she cannot accept her situation and she decide to commit suicide in order to have rest and no longer suffer. how about your idea?
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@Bloggership (1104)
• Indonesia
12 May 09
There is always a solutions to solve any problems. It is depend on how do we want to be serious to find the solutions or do we want to just run away from the problems. If we facing a problem and successfully to solve it, then we just have a one great lesson to live in this world. But if we just run away from problems, then we just fail to reveal the way of life.