Women Should You Stay In A Loveless Marriage

May 11, 2009 6:02am CST
It was reported that the wife of Late Gucci said and i quote " Better to cry in a Royce Rolls than be happy on a bicycle" end of quote. And another woman was reportedly said that though her husband have provided for her what any human can ask for, a private jet,exotic holidays in resort location, luxuries but, For the past 17years of her marriage that what she desired from her husband are these words "I LOVE YOU" and Crossing his hands around her hips in the kitchen when preparing meals for their kids. But they question is why do these women and like others still stay in these kind of marriage?
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@syankee525 (6293)
• United States
11 May 09
i think because they are not inpedence enough to be on their own. and think about the money they have being with a man who isnt loving them right. this is why i do belive all women should be indepence and shouldnt have to rely on thier husband 100%.
• Israel
12 May 09
Thanks for your contribution, Ivana Trump the former wife of Billionaire Donald Trump bailed out, Could it be she felt unloved?