Tips to impress your LOVER

@boomima (227)
May 11, 2009 9:43am CST
Are u in love with someone. if yes how do u feel , the difference in you, before and after ur love started... is there any kind of change in your behaviour and attitude.. Have you done any thing to impress your lover,, if yes, tell me some of interesting things to impress my girl in fact any girl..
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@mybernz (34)
• Philippines
12 May 09
yes definitely.. but in a couple of months we started to break and never again to be back in love totally.. for me its so nice when you have love really person you liked. Impressing a girl is not an easy tasks at all, especially if you do nopt have a lot of experience with females. Usually males make a girl to often laugh at their attempts. Be genuine and do not try too hard to impress. That is exactly wrong most men lover. One of the things that women are impressed by is the confidence she feels from the guy.another thing is the honesty, and if your dating someone new that you want to impressed be honest with them about everything.. Me before loved i feel lonely and no one guy i loved but when the guy come to my sides i feel so great coz theres something i can lean on.. If you were a guy then, how can you treat a girl that you love so much? how much you care about your love? do you make something for the girl? or you will approach first the girl to such malicious things?
@abanerji (1026)
• India
11 May 09
being is love is a great feeling. you you get back the same amount of love from your parten as much as you give then life you feel an eternal bliss. love demands no conditions it only needs togetherness, trust and affection. don't try to impress someone to get that person's love. you would have to do things that you don't do regularly. for a day or two, things would seem good but if you continue then it would become suffocating. this woudl not let your relationship survive... so be yourself.. behave the way you normally behave.