Outback Steakhouse - bloomin' good restaurant for Mother's Day, mates!

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May 11, 2009 5:05pm CST
Today i've decided on treating mom out to dinner since she's off of work for now, and between Outback Steakhouse and Longhorn Steakhouse, i've decided to try something new, and i've never been to either one before. So i've decided to try Outback Steakhouse, an Australian restaurant, and crikey! I gotta say that the service and the food is bloomin' good! First off, we've had a sweet waitress who was polite, kind and courteous (i've had a fair share of waitresses in other restaurants as well), and the food was absolutely tasty! If you go there, try the Blooming Onion with their dipping sauce. You can't go wrong with the looks and the flavor of this appetizer! Next off, i've had the steak filet with the stuffed shrimp. Juicy and flavorful on its own for the filet, but try it with the Blooming Onion dipping sauce. It'll amplify the flavor 10 times. Along with it, I had the ahi tuna with two dipping sauces for it. It's cold, but it feels like it melts in your mouth, On its own, it has a spicy flavor, but try the filet with the two dipping sauces for the cold tuna as well. You just GOT to try some of that! Overall, I paid $52 dollars for both of our orders, but it was worth it. The food and the service was worth the money I paid. Seriously, the next time you treat your mom, your friends or family, trust me, go Outback tonight.
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• United States
11 May 09
Hi Duo....I know what you mean. They are both very good restaurants and would be hard to decide between the two of them. I have only been to Outback once and I had their prime rib and it was absolutely delicious. I have never had their steaks, but if you can judge them by the prime rib I am sure they are just as delicious. I have been to Longhorn quite a few times as it is my husbands favorite place to eat. I like the blopomin onion and the dip they make for it and the hot bread they put on the table is to die for. Their steaks and steak fries are the best. I will need to find another Longhorn as they closed the one that was closest to us. I don't know why becasue it always seem to have good business when we were there. I guess more signs of the economy. flutterby