What's the CREDIT CRUNCH done to you?

May 11, 2009 5:39pm CST
Well, we've all felt it in some way, money has never been so tight! My life has completely changed over the last 18 months, I used to have a nice car, savings, and a decent wage going in the bank to cover my expenses. I know where it started to go wrong for me - I had a few grand saved up and I was willing to invest in the stock market, because I'd done it before and the time was right (or so I thought) to have a dabble (as the say). We all know it is corporate gambling, but I always kept my eye on share prices and decided that I would invest in a couple of banks and breweries LOL Within a week of buying the stocks, they were just diving down ridiculously, I've always had an itchy trigger finger (metaphor) so I sold the stocks and cut my losses! I lost £600 that week, It didn't kill me, but I felt bad for a few weeks. I bought a laptop for the missus - that was £300, also I was constantly going clubbing, and buying clothes and smoking. The wages at work started to die down, so I was constantly dipping in the stash. Eventually it was gone. Probably February 2008, I started to feel the bite a bit, however carried on plodding on through the cold weather getting low wages. In April the 18 month mortgage deal needed replenishing but all the deals available were rubbish. So I kept putting it off and putting it off. Me and the missus split up and from there, everything just went belly up! I didn't have a pound some of those nights as winter crept back in late 2008, I got a job and started walking to work, I also promised myself I'd quit smoking but I didn't manage it til late Feb 09, but all the bad times have made me healthier, happier with what i've got and smarter becuase i'm not out getting drunk all the time - i'm on my computer learning Adobe Dreamweaver, so it goes to show you all this can make you think about yourself and make you want to be better!!!I would be interested to hear of any other CRUNCH stories, have you felt it?
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• United States
11 May 09
In March of 2006 I came to Miami with about $10,000 in credit. I had a new car and was ready to start a better life with my boyfriend. I had a little bit of money saved so I didn't work for about 4 months. And living in a new expensive town I didn't think correctly. I would spend money every weekend and my credit line kept rising and I kept spending. I did finally get a job but I wasn't making the same money I was making before. Eventually my credit cards were done and I was living on what I was making. My boyfriend lost his job here and there. Then I started working 2 jobs which was nice and I slowly starting getting on my feet again but then my other job (where i was making more) let me go and I was stuck with a job that paid me a lot less. To make it all worst my boyfriend and I broke up in October and he left me with absoutely nothing. But today I feel better I am coming back. I am learning how to save money again and it made me a better person. I think everyone has to go through something to actually value what they have.
11 May 09
Thanks for your response - a lot of people are feeling it money wise, but you and both know it makes for a tougher time when you split up from someone too! Sounds like we've both been similarly affected!! Oh well chin up and on we go!!